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We Want Action...Not Words

The process for running for a public office is tedious. It requires a great amount of planning, sacrifice, support, and the evil necessity of money. Sadly, many include subverting the truth in there composition of a campaign.

Prior to the 2018 primary election, many of the candidates for Nicholasville Commissioner came together for an open debate. Those who chose to attend were: Commissioner Doug Blackford, myself, Bethany Davis, Ann Marie Nipp, Michael "Mikey" Garrett, Commissioner Andy Williams, and Ernie Hoskins. I can't say anything to the honesty or dishonesty of any of the new candidates, but of the two seated, I can speak of their avoidance of what they said they felt should be enacted into the city ordinances.

When asked "Should Nicholasville join other Kentucky communities in adopting the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act to improve the quality of housing in our community?", both Commissioner Blackford and Commissioner Williams agreed that we should adopt them. With that being said, why hasn't the Act been brought up on the commission floor to be adopted since May 15? Were the commissioners talking up votes or were they sincere in their statements?

Another question that was asked had to deal with term limits. While everyone agreed that there should be varying degrees of term limits for commissioners, this has not been discussed on the floor since the May 15 debate either.

Have these questions been raised before? Absolutely! These questions come directly from a questionnaire that was created by Attorney Peter Brackney, also a former candidate for Nicholasville City Commission in recent years. These questions were sent out to all the candidates for city commissioner in 2016 and 2018. I can't speak to the responses of anyone but myself in 2016, but 7 of 12 candidates responded to both questions in a public debate forum in 2018.

Looking at the facts of what's been stated in a public forum, do you vote for someone who tells you what you want to hear or someone who does what they say? The next two years of Nicholasville's City Government will be determined in 64 days. Will you vote for talkers or doers? It's your choice.