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We Want Action...Not Words

The process for running for a public office is tedious. It requires a great amount of planning, sacrifice, support, and the evil necessity of money. Sadly, many include subverting the truth in there composition of a campaign.

Prior to the 2018 primary election, many of the candidates for Nicholasville Commissioner came together for an open debate. Those who chose to attend were: Commissioner Doug Blackford, myself, Bethany Davis, Ann Marie Nipp, Michael "Mikey" Garrett, Commissioner Andy Williams, and Ernie Hoskins. I can't say anything to the honesty or dishonesty of any of the new candidates, but of the two seated, I can speak of their avoidance of what they said they felt should be enacted into the city ordinances.

When asked "Should Nicholasville join other Kentucky communities in adopting the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act to improve the quality of housing in our community?", both Commissioner Blackford and Commissioner Williams agreed that we should adopt them. With th