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What next...?

As you all know by now, I did not make the cut to continue on to the general election for Nicholasville City Commissioner. So what next for me in the way of serving the people?

As is mentioned on my site, I am very concerned about the safety of our children in the Jessamine County School System. School shootings have become another commonplace incident that has become a part of our everyday life. Why? Is there no way to protect our children within the confines of our schools? I believe there is. The problem is not what we do to resolve the problem, or how we do it; it's getting the bureaucratic support in a nation that is opposed to guns, not criminals.

As of Sunday, May 20, 2018, we had completed 20 weeks of the year. Tragically, we have had 22 school shootings since January 1. More than any other year since Columbine on April 20, 1999. Looking deeper into the numbers are more alarming facts. From April 20, 1999 to date, America has suffered 11.32 shootings per year. Based on the time spent out of school, both primary and secondary, that's more than 1 school shooting per month over the last 19 years.

Many people have infinite reasons that this continues to happen, but none of them are logical enough to overlook the fact that the loss of life at any age has a ripple effect. Some are small insignificant ripples. Others are huge powerful ripples that affect an entire nation. But no matter how great or small the ripple is, these events eternally change the course of at least one individuals life without their permission.

I can say this until I'm blue in the face, but those of you who believe removing guns is the solution to protecting our students, I have 215 factual events that prove otherwise. Gun control doesn't work. Ask any firefighter what is one of the most effective tools in fighting a forest fire, and they will tell you fire. By controlled burns, they take out the fuel (usually trees) needed to keep the fire alive. It only makes sense that weapons be used to combat weapons.

To the point, I will be working on a plan to have legislation introduced to the state that will adopt a system to install public safety commissioners in our schools. These individuals will be state employees. They will be screened, hired, and paid by the state. They will not be uniformed as to not call attention to themselves. They will be concealed carriers. They will be trained at the level of the US military and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It seems far fetched to many of you,I know. If you can't image a safe school environment without the feeling of being "locked down", go talk to the folks over in Marshall County; or drive to West Paducah and talk to the forty-somethings there and see what they think. This legislation has to happen.

One more point on this matter. I am very much opposed to arming teachers for the sake of protecting their students. It has nothing to do with competence, skill, or safety. Our teachers have a specialty. It's educating our children, not becoming a public school police force. If you are expected to perform two very different tasks at the same time, one will surely suffer to the will of the other. Surely, if a teacher opts to carry a firearm, concealed, and approved by the legislated guidelines, then so be it.

In closing, this is my direction. I'm certain I will be met with a great amount of opposition. I also know that there is a silent individual out there with great influence that will help me make this happen. Completing this task is all in my search.