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Essential Living

In our lives, there are things we involuntarily and unknowingly must do to survive on the most basic level. We must breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We must consume drinks and food to maintain and restore energy. We must sleep to allow our body to take a break from all the functions that it coordinates in a day.

Nicholasville has many beautiful and wonderful outdoor sights to see from mid- spring through late December. All of these can be seen on a bike ride, a long walk, or even a brisk run on the various paths and trails through many parts of Nicholasville and Jessamine County. But what about the months where the weather is bitter and cold?

I would say the hardest New Year's resolution ever made is to get into shape. Gym memberships rise drastically between Christmas and just a few days past New Year's Day every year. Many of those end up being one or two visits only to be abandoned. I don't need statistics to prove the fact; just ask around the first two weeks of any given year.