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Dealing with the School Security Dilemma

Everyone's a critic when it comes to this touch and go subject. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect solution. Whether it's arming our teachers, stricter gun control laws (because that stops criminals from having guns), metal detectors and other security devices, or a separate security force, everyone has a plan.

The main problem with all of these solutions is not the matter of which one would be more effective, but rather the fact that a more aggressive plan should have been put in place after the Columbine High School shooting nearly two decades ago (April 20, 1999.)

While many feel this should be dealt with at a state or federal level, how many of us have a personal relationship with them to the degree that they know our children's names or would be personally affected if something were to happen to them. We can't wait 20 years for a solution that needs to be found now. Based on the statistics put out by CNN, we average 1.5 school shootings per week this year. At that rate, and only one life per shooting, that comes out to 1,560 children who will never become adults simply because we spent 20 years debating rather than solving the issue.